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Why Charbon Noir?

Who is Charbon Noir?

We are a Canadian Based company willing to strive in beauty and skin care products. We engaged ourselves to offer our customer the best activated charcoal-based products. Charcoal benefits have been known to humankind ever since the Stone Age, but the processing and research from the modern world have made it possible to create an activated charcoal more powerful than ever before, from natural and renewable sources.


What makes our black head mask different from other available brands?

It all begins with the ingredients. Charbon Noir Blackheads charcoal mask uses the most natural blend of ingredients among our competitors and is also the most effective – in a gentle way.

One must suffer to be beautiful! Well, this was not the case anymore when we decided not to use polyvinyl and other petroleum based products and replaced them with higher quality charcoal and our special blend of natural exfoliating ingredients. We are not selling that plastic crazy-glue often marketed as a one-time miracle product. 

Charbon Noir blackhead peel off mask is proven to be less intrusive and has enhanced deep pore-purifying properties.

Many reviews have proven that the cheaper alternative of our competitor is less effective and often end with irritated, crusty skin.

In other words... Many of you may have tried the borderline ‘’depilatory’’ products offered by other leading competitors or are trying to understand the difference between our products and cheaper alternative. The answer is simple: the power of nature doesn’t come cheap.  


What makes Charbon Noir whitening powder so special?

Our whitening powder is made from coconut shells processed into food grade activated charcoal, which meets the highest industry standards. The main and most important difference with our leading competitors leans in the fabrication process, the source of charcoal and Savoir-Faire. During the fabrication process, the coconuts shells are turned into the finest powder possible and end up having the most adsorption properties through the enhanced microporosity of the resulting product.

Other leading competitors also making activated charcoal products can be sourcing their charcoal from less refined, bamboo based charcoal, primarily made into pellets and then crushed into powder. This type of charcoal can be good for water or air filtration purposes, but is not as powerful and efficient as the one we are using.

Having eco-friendly values, we try to reduce our ecological footprint and uses as little plastic packaging as possible, only when required. Our air-sealing jar will keep the whitening powder fresh for every use over an extended period of time to ensure maximum efficiency.


Why does charcoal whiten teeth?

Activated Charcoal is a purifying agent that adsorb impurities. It will stick to stains, tartar, toxins, bacteria and viruses. It will attract all unwanted visitors in its millions of microscopic pores.  Activated Charcoal, when processed correctly, is among the most adsorbent product on the planet. It will also promote good oral health by balancing mouth pH, prevent cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. 


Is Activated Charcoal Harmful or Toxic?

No! Activated Charcoal is 100% safe and ingested for various medical purposes. Used to treat some cases of poisoning, alleviate gas & bloating and removing toxins from overdoses and food poisoning in case of emergency under the supervision of physicians.

However, we don’t recommend swallowing any amounts of our skin care & teeth whitening activated charcoal products.


Some may say that brushing activated charcoal may damage enamel.

Activated Charcoal itself will not damage enamel. It should be brushed in a gentle motion over the teeth. Enamel damage is more likely a consequence of bad diet, genetics, acid reflux, and corrosion.

However, excessive brushing, even with regular fluoride toothpaste, can be harmful to teeth and gums.


But does it tastes anything?

No ! Our activated charcoal is so pure it won’t taste anything! It is completely odorless and tasteless, this is why we don’t have to hide any taste with added artificial flavors.

Why should I buy the Charbon Noir’s charcoal soap?

If you are seeking deep pore purifying when fighting acne, blackheads and oily skin, our charcoal soap bar is the answer! The charcoal soap exfoliating properties is also the perfect preparation for the charcoal black head mask. You will notice the power of our soap bar rich lather when it comes to deep cleansing of the pores, removing excess oil and odors.


Why are you not selling oil pulling pouch with your whitening kit?

Having eco-friendly values, we try to reduce our ecological footprint and use as little plastic packaging as possible. Oil pulling pouches are single-use plastic packaging and only end up adding more plastic to the ocean.

The oil used for these individual oil pulling pouch and sold by our leading competitors are available at your local grocery store and is nothing else than regular coconut oil. We believe that we are better off putting our energy into new products development and providing our customers with high-quality products.

Coconut oil is also awesome for cooking pancakes.


Why making bamboo toothbrushes?

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, strong and a renewable source. Using bamboo toothbrush prevents another plastic toothbrush to wash up in the ocean or in the landfill. Small steps can change the world.

 Plus, it has charcoal enhanced bristles.