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We LOVE Pandas!

Our Bamboo Toothrush, Bamboo Straws and Bamboo Case are Panda-friendly since those are made with moso bamboo, which is not the type of bamboo that Pandas feed of.

Contribute into saving our oceans

Our Bamboo Straws are biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be used with any beverage.


My life just improved :P thank you Charbon Noir i love you


Bought for me and my girlfriend. 100% satisfied, fast shipping, will buy again when we need to refill !


Love the taste ! It's my favorite !!! Whitening toothpaste works wonder !!


Totally recommend this product. Toothpaste tastes great, i wish i could buy a family pack. Teethwhitening works great !!


Keep up with the good work charbon noir !!!


I ordered these bathbombs for a second time ! Can't get enough I LOVE IT


i love the blackmask i do it every other day, the teeth whitening is messy at first but now im used to it ! Def part of my routine now !!!Great Value


The black powder is really fun to use, a bit messy, but you get used to know how to handle it. It really whitens my teeth, I feel more safe using this product than chimicals one. I've used it a little less than two weeks now. I am happy with the results. I recommand it !


Got it for my daughter and i for our birthday ! Part of our beauty routine now ! Totally Worth it thank you