FAQ – Charbon Noir Cosmetics


How soon should I expect my order to arrive?

You should expect to receive your order within 6 to 18 business days.

Is it safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Charbon Noir products are made with natural and safe ingredients! It's 100% safe if used as advised. 

How often should I use my Charbon Noir kit?

We normally recommend using your kit twice a week. With that said, your charcoal kit should last around 6 months with this frequency of usage.  

Returns & Refunds

Hygiene and the safety of our customers are very important for us. That being said, we do not accept returns and no refunds can be made. 

Privacy Policy

At Charbon Noir we are aware, that all information collected on our website must always be transferred securely, stored safely and will not be given out to third parties.

If you are shopping on the Internet, cookies will be stored on your computer. Cookies are used for generating different kinds of statistics about the use of our website, but you will always remain anonymous when shopping on our website.