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5 Best Patios of Ottawa

It’s that time of the year once again where patios call us. Whether for a beer, a cocktail, a mocktail or simply to enjoy the beautiful summery ambiance, patios can make anyone happy. Some of them have a scenic view of the whole city, while others take us into old, secret corners where we can enjoy the night feeling like we know a special place that others don’t.

Let me present you my selection of the five most interesting patios in Ottawa! Yes you’ve read it right: Ottawa. Supposedly the Capital of, hum, serious things, Ottawa still has special secrets that have yet to be discovered. So if you happen to come to this wonderful city-of-two-cities try out some of these spots. You won’t regret it. And you’re lucky: I also included the best drinks to have while you’re there!



1. Pure Kitchen 

Pure Kitchen’s patio has it all: delicious and healthy vegetarian food, a patio that just calls in for the sunshine rays and cocktails so good you don’t even feel guilty for drinking! We recommend trying the Elgin St. Beet cocktail, made with gin, Pure “Energized” juice, Harvey and Vern’s Ginger beer and lime.

Pure Kitchen is part of the Pure Yoga and Pure Lifestyle family. It’s one business that caters to your physical well-being through exercise, nutrition and clothing your body with comfort.

The Ottawa-based business is now a staple of the city for yogis and people interested in wellness in general. It’s a perfect place for a lunch and or week night dinner with friends!

 You can reach them at:



2. Mill Street Brew Pub 

The Mill St. Brewpub on the Ottawa river is simply a delight to hang out at. Sitting at the pub with a breeze on your face, looking at the trees, islands and water just makes for a perfect setting to enjoy a brew! It’s one of my personal favourites in the city; I personally enjoy biking around the pathways and ending my afternoon with friends around delicious beer and food at this place. My "coup de coeur" this summer is the new seasonal special Welterweight- at only 4.8% alcohol, I can safely enjoy one, or two of these delicious IPAs! There’s no better beer to drink than one that’s made by the pub you’re drinking at! The beer is inspired by Belgian white beer, into which the brewmaster added delicate fruitiness– the result is simply divine!

Plan your next evening out right

3. Heart and Crown

Okay, I admit it: the ByWard Market may be a little too pricey and overstated in terms of drinking venues, but this lovely little nook inside the Heart and Crown just stole my heart! The inner courtyard is so cozy, intimate and “hidden” that you would not believe you’re in the middle of the city. At night, there are Christmas lights hanging and the vine leaves growing on the old brick wall are just too adorable. You would think yourself in an old-timey British pub while enjoying the sultriness of warm summer nights. It’s the perfect combination. Plus, Heart and Crown often has a live band playing.  There is an extensive choice for beers, liquor and cocktails of all sorts. My favourite one though is one called the “Farmer’s Daughter”. It’s a blonde ale made by Ottawa Valley’s Whitewater Brewing Co. You can see their whole selection here:

4. Soif Bar à Vin 

This spot is very special to me. First off, it’s right next to my place, and second, it’s where I did my first photojournalism article. The whole team welcomed me for a whole day so I could take pictures of the place, the people, the food and the wine. It was incredible. Second of all, and most importantly, the place is ran by Véronique Rivest who is one of the best sommeliers in the whole world.

 If that weren’t enough, the patio at Soif is just one of the nicest places I know where to have a late-night dinner and drinks. There’s a barbecue, a ping-pong table and such nice people to serve you. I am ab-so-lu-te-ly in love with this place. Don’t fret the 3-minute drive from Ottawa to come here any night or lunch of the week. Guaranteed you won’t regret it. For this one, I can’t recommend any drink, because, you know, the top female sommelier in the world is there to help you choose that !

5. Copper Spirits and Sights at Andaz 

Copper Spirits and Sights is the rooftop patio bar on top of the Andaz hotel in the market. I chose this spot because it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind when it comes to rooftop patios in Ottawa. The view on Parliament Hill, the Ottawa River, Gatineau and Centretown is just breathtaking. Whenever I feel like having a night on the town with my friends, dressing up or simply enjoy a nice cocktail with the hubby– there’s no doubt this is where I will go! I usually opt for a light and bubbly sparkling wine or champagne. To keep fancy times going, you know! Reserve your own table right here:


by Floriane Bonneville