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Full review by Savana Rae

The Charbon Noir ingredients are high quality, making it a luxury product in my eyes.

- Savana Rae


Savana Rae, former Beauty Queen, did an extensive review of our skin care and teeth whitening products. 


''I have always wanted to try carbon derived teeth and skin products, but somehow the idea of putting carbon on my face did not inspire me. So I researched and found a company based in Canada which had the products that I wanted minus all the setbacks that had put me off other companies. They DO NOT use polyvinyl and other petroleum based products and instead use high quality charcoal and exfoliating ingredients.'' 



''I am a devoted coffee lover and as such that has a toll on my teeth, so I have to ensure they are kept white by different means. I have done on a previous occasion Zoom teeth whitening at the dentists and oh gosh that was incredibly painful for 2-3 days. So I've decided to opt for a more natural method that I can try out in the commodity of my home. I can say that after only one use I was pleasantly surprised, I can assure you that there was an improvement of one shade. '' 



''It works exactly as advertised. It took care of all the impurities that accumulate because of pollution or makeup. ''


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