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Can Activated Charcoal Powder Damage Teeth Enamel ?

It's becoming more and more common for natural beauty enthusiasts to skip the peroxide chemical bleach and use activated charcoal to whiten teeth since it has been proven to be very effective and painless. 

One common question remains often unanswered ; Does activated charcoal strip away teeth enamel ?

The short answer is No. When used properly, activated charcoal powder is safe for teeth enamel. 

Let's take a look at some facts; 

  •  The Whitening Process of Activated Charcoal is not done throught abrasion while brushing. The whitening secrets remains in it's porosity and ability to adsord thousands of times its own weight, binding to toxins and impurities to lift and remove stains. It is recommended to gently brush the activated charcoal powder and let it work its magic.


  • The American Dental Association uses procedures like RDA testing to measure the erosive effects of abrasives in toothpaste on tooth dentin. The acronym RDA stands for Relative Dentin Abrasivity and is a required test for all toothpaste maker to have their products FDA approved. The FDA recommended RDA limit is a score of 200. 


Here is how to interpret RDA values ; 

- From 0 to 80 = low abrasion 

- 70 to 100 = midrange abrasion 

- 100 to 150 = highly abrasive 

- 150 to 250 = considered harmful to teeth 

The lower the number, the less the enamel and dentin it is likely to be worn away by daily use. 

But how does Activated Charcoal powder scores ? Most studies find that Activated Charcoal whitening powder products range from 70-90 RDA.  

How does your toothpaste mesures up ? Here are some exemples you might find in your home. 

- Colgate Total = 70

- Sensodyne Extra Whitening = 104 

- Crest Extra Whitening = 130 

- Colgate Tartar Control = 165


Finally, enamel can be damaged from a number of factors. Highly acidic foods, diet, acid relux, teeth grinding, genetics and aggressive brushing. It's estimated that 10 to 20% of the population have damaged their teeth enamel and gums with improper brushing techniques. 

Ease up on your gums, don't brush your teeth too hard ! 

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