5 Trendy Quebec Businesses you need to know about

1. Sokoloff Lingerie

Sokoloff is a Montreal lingerie design house that creates fine undergarments from start to finish. The brand’s refreshing, delicate and form fitting pieces are put together following ethical guidelines. Not only are these pieces cut to perfection, but they also are super comfy and satisfy standards of high quality craftsmanship.
Visit their website ; www.sokolofflingerie.com

2. Charbon Noir Cosmetics

Charbon Noir launched back in February of this year and already, the company has known great success! The business specializes in activated charcoal skin and teeth care. The products are sourced with natural ingredients and the highest quality of activated charcoal which makes those products highly efficient. For now, Charbon Noir makes a pore-clearing mask, a coal soap, a teeth whitening powder and a bamboo toothbrush that comes with it. But wait for it, this summer the brand will be launching more exciting products!
You can buy your kit online at www.charbonnoir.com and in a dozen retail stores around Quebec!

3. Nuda 

NUDA is a new business that started just in March 2017. The business has since then been shining and the two entrepreneurs who started it, Geneviève Beaulieu and Mahay Tremblay are proud to offer healthy and affordable sunless tanning alternatives that actually work well! Thanks to NUDA, you can get a natural-looking and glowing tan without having to go under the damaging UVA and UVB rays. The tinted mists are offered in three shades, adapting to all skin colours; latte, moka and espresso. The company offers its services in more than 20 stores across Quebec. To get your own appointment before the summer, visit www.nuda.ca

4. Poches et fils 

Poche et fils is a business that specializes in personalized and crafted front-pocketed T-shirts. From their websites, anyone can design their own T-shirt from over 70 selections. Everyone can find something they like, Poche et fils offers clothing for men, women, children and even babies and varies the cut, model and colour of T-shirts it offers. What a nice cute way to stand out while staying in comfort! www.pochestefils.com

5. KASEME Design 

From a quaint little place called Beauce, KaseMe set out to respond to a need for stylish, resistant and affordable phone cases. The end goal is to clothe the phone with quality material that can be personalized to whatever design you like, whether it be your business logo, a sports team a university colour, etc. This way, KaseMe offers their customers an impeccable service while providing a high quality product. Visit their website here! www.kaseme.ca