Cosmetic Fridge

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The Charbon Noir mini Cosmetic Fridge is the new cosmetic trend to upgrade your beauty routine to the next level. You can choose between warming up or cooling down your skincare product.

Keeping cold your most favorite beauty products will guarantee you optimal results plus a chilling and refreshing sensation on your face and skin!

The cold will help to extend your face care, serums and eye cream lifetime even for opened bottle.


Cosmetic fridge specifications :

  • 24 cm width x 18 cm height x 26 cm deep
  • Removable interior shelf
  • 4 liter capacity
  • Cold temperature : 5°C / 41°F
  • Warm temperature : 55°C / 131°F
  • Suitable for home wall plug
  • Cold energy needed : 54W
  • Warm energy needed : 40W 
  • Weight 1.84kg / 4.05lbs
  • US PLUG only -  110V/60Hz (Works only on the 120V and not on the 220V as required in Europe.)

*Products not included