White Teeth, Fast and Easy

It happens to all of us..

Whether it's coffee, wine, berries or sweets, it's easy to have stained teeths and it can be hard and expensive to get your white smile back. 

We developped a Fast, Easy and Natural solution for you ! 

Our ultra whitening toothpaste tube is your new 'must-have' product !

It is made from the finest activated charcoal combined with an advanced-cleaning silica just like dentists use. Our toothpaste helps removing deep stains and prevents new stains from forming. It  also helps prevent plaque, gingivitis, tartar build-up, cavities, bad breath and it keeps your mouth refreshed! It just got it's FDA approval and it's ready to disrupt the industry ! 

For the best results, use our ultra whitening toothpaste up to two to three times a day. It replaces your everyday toothpaste and is also enamel-safe whitening good for daily use.

Using on a daily basis, it will whiten and polish your teeth. Using it combined with Charbon Noir whintening charcoal powder every other day with bring your pearly whites super fast. 

*** according to many customers reviews, users will notice a great difference after only  3 uses. 

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